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Local Government Councils are increasingly looking to digital and online solutions to engage with their residents and local community. They have a great depth of information that they need to provide in an easy to find way, and so we work closely with our Council clients to understand their information architecture and then structure this in an accessible and intuitive way.

We work with our Council clients to build beautiful websites that feature best practice approaches to content publishing and web usability, including:

  • Building accessible websites that meet the mandated WCAG 2.0 AA standards
  • Designing mobile responsive webpages that provide an outstanding web experience on any device
  • Creating websites that prioritise access to information
  • Implementing advanced searching capabilities, including synonym and promoted search results
  • Developing integrated websites that talk with your internal and external business systems


The team at Solutions Outsourced love working with our local Councils to deliver better web solutions to improve the lives of your residents and the wider community.

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