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Our Skills

Our team of designers possess a diverse range of skills and years of experience in graphic design applications, along with university, college and TAFE qualifications. Our capabilities include:

  • branding and visual identity
  • print design (e.g. business cards, flyers, signage and decals)
  • apparel design (e.g. uniforms and merchandise)
  • digital design (e.g. retargeting ads and social media assets)
  • website design
  • user experience design


For any organisation or business to operate effectively and thrive within its industry, a recognisable brand is essential. From logo to language, colours and imagery, a strong and consistent brand will communicate who you are with your target audience.

Website Design

Our team work to provide graphic design services to create a custom and visual website layout design for our websites. We will work in consultation with our client's project team, to ensure that the website design outcomes meet the needs of all stakeholders in the project, and the visual presentation of the site reinforces the project objectives.

Website templates are designed to create an engaging and intuitive website experience, exhibiting the following attributes, in order to achieve a successful design outcome:

  • Sitemap Design - We will work to identify the information architecture of the content that is needed on your site, and will propose a sitemap structure that presents this information in an intuitive and accessible way.
  • User-Centred Design - Wireframe layouts will be designed to map the key user journey's identified for a website. These wireframe layouts will allow us to test and iterate the website's user interfaces, whilst keeping the user needs at the front of mind.
  • Mobile Responsive - Website designs will be created to provide a responsive website experience for visitors using any kind of mobile, tablet or desktop device to visit our websites.