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COVID-19 Update


To all of our clients, partners and friends,

We all find ourselves in incredibly challenging times at the moment, as we try our best to keep our families and our friends - our communities - safe and well. This will be the absolute priority for us all, and is a clear directive from our leaders in Government... so wash your hands please!

Beyond securing our safety as individuals and as a community, we will start to look at how we can continue our lives and livelihoods, and what the new 'business as usual', or BAU, might look like.

For Solutions Outsourced, our new BAU involves a lot of phone calls and video teleconferences. We made the move on Friday last week to temporarily close our physical office in Camden, and move our whole team to working from home. We started working remotely from today (and not a minute too soon, it seems), and this means the following changes in how you can get in touch with us:

Phones: We have made the move to softphones, so you will still be able to contact us individually on our direct numbers, and collectively via 1300 33 1000 as you have done before.

Support: Our support email address - - is the most effective way to log a support request with our team, as this will create a support ticket that we can track, assign and resolve, to make sure your request is addressed as quickly as possible. You can still call the 1300 33 1000 number to speak directly to a person in our team, but emailing is likely to be the quickest and most effective path for you.

Meetings: In line with the best practice advice we are receiving, we will hold all meetings by remote teleconference going forward. We have a number of conferencing tools available for us to use, and these support "face-to-face" video conferencing, as well as screen sharing and file sharing capabilities. We can also work within your own conferencing platforms if you would prefer. Whilst we've always had a preference for real, in-person communication (a rarity, particularly in our field of work) and we greatly value the benefits of face to face interaction, it's just not safe for you or for us to continue doing that, in the current environment.

What does your new BAU look like?

As an immediate step to help your business navigate these challenging times, we are in the process of building and deploying a new feature to all of our Silverstripe CMS clients. This will allow you to post an alert notification in a bar at the top of your website to take your visitors through to a dedicated page of current information about your new BAU. We will make this feature available, for free, to any business that would like it on their website and uses the Silverstripe CMS. (Unfortunately for technical reasons, we can't make this available to Siteflex CMS users, however if you would like to get in touch with us directly, we can work with you to migrate your site to take advantage of this feature).

If you would like to take advantage of the alert notification feature for your website, you will need to do the following steps.

  1. Setup a page or blog post (if you have a blog) on your website with your alert information (e.g. The message about how your business is adapting to the Coronavirus situation)
  2. Send us a link to the page/post you've setup. Send this to the support queue on
  3. Send us the text blurb you would like to include in the alert notification (e.g. "Latest updates regarding COVID-19")

I would like to thank you all for your support during this incredibly challenging time, and I would encourage you to give us a call if we can help your organisation navigate through the uncertainty. At a time like this, the online presence of your organisation will become more critical than ever, and our local team here in Camden (and as far afield as The Oaks, Menangle, Tahmoor, Silverdale, Blacktown and Wollongong!) are keen to help you ensure your business is able to engage with your community, deliver your services and attract new customers through outstanding digital advertising, graphic design and web & online software development.

Stay safe and wash your hands!

Managing Director