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Entering the World of Virtual Reality

Posted on 28 Nov 2016 by Emily Pascoe-Thomas with 0 Comments

This week we took the brand new PSVR for a spin and, yes, it did almost make a few of us hurl. The Playstation Virtual Reality Headset is the first of a new breed of Virtual Reality options flooding the market. Virtual Reality has been on our radar for almost 20 years, however only just now is computer power catching up with our VR ambitions.

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The Occulus Rift, HTC Vibe and PSVR are serious (and expensive) kits targeted at the gaming community and are being embraced with open arms. In 2017 Google will be quietly switching on a new feature to allow all modern Android phones to access VR content on websites - that will be 300 million VR capable devices browsing websites.

Even though we have been talking about it for years, VR is still in its early days, like web pages were back in the 90s (if you are actually old enough to remember). In saying this, as we are seeing through the gaming community, we will be finding VR is more accessible in coming years. New frameworks like Mozilla’s A-Frame will make it easier to bring VR experiences into your browser, and to your website. As the technology matures we will begin to see virtual tours in 360 degrees, product visualisations in 3D, and rich data visualisations all become commonplace within our browsers. Imagine snapping a 360 degree panorama with your phone, uploading it to your website and letting people walk in your footsteps and relive your experiences!

We are definitely fans of the web and we are pretty excited to see that the VR revolution will be driven by websites and the browser - rather than just being confined to game consoles.


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