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5 signs you need to refresh your brand

Posted on 21 Nov 2016 by Alysse Curran with 0 Comments

A good brand is like a good pair of shoes; sturdy, stylish, a good fit, and designed to be repaired as needed over time. Every strong brand will gradually date and fall behind as a business grows and evolves. Sometimes, a simple repair is all that’s needed, while other times, a fresh new pair of kitten heels are in order.

While every brand is unique, there are a few surefire ways to determine whether or not it’s time for a refresh. Ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. Is your brand outdated?

  • Does the design look tired?
  • When was your branding designed? If your logo is ten years old, there’s a good chance your brand requires a refresh.
  • Has the style fallen out of fashion? It’s important to avoid trends and fads in design when creating a brand mainstay such as a logo. There are, however, times when a style becomes old fashioned and out of touch. The logo may start to speak to the audience in a negative way by coming across as unappealing.
  • It’s important to realise that a brand is not just a logo, and a logo is not just a graphic. Your brand is your reputation, your identity; it’s your client’s perception of your business. A logo is one of the most significant and recognisable pieces of the visual identity of a brand and it is crucial that it sends the right message to your target audience.

line up 1200x841

Qantas recently unveiled an impressive refresh of their brand. Want to know our thoughts? We wrote a blog post on it hereSource: Qantas.


2. Is your brand consistent?

  • Do you have more than one logo?
  • Do you have multiple taglines?
  • Do you have a brand guideline document?
  • Do your employees understand your brand and its values?
  • Consumers and clients should immediately recognise your brand when they come across any material relating to your business. This does not just include your logo. From written language to colours and imagery, each aspect of your brand should be considered and instantly recognisable.
  • That’s not to say your brand shouldn’t be dynamic! A strong brand is flexible within the constraints of the brand guidelines and rules.


3. Are you drawing your target audience?

  • Are you drawing in the audience that you want to capture?
  • Has your audience changed since you started your business?
  • If you aren’t reaching your intended audience, it’s time to reevaluate. If you wish to pursue a new audience, a brand refresh could be in order. You probably don’t want to alienate your existing customers, so a new brand, with language and designs that speak to both audiences, could be the magic ingredient required to capture your hybrid audience.


4. Has your product or service changed or evolved?

  • Does your branding suggest you do one thing but you’ve since expanded to do a range of things?
  • Does your brand represent you?
  • Has your industry changed?
  • While your old branding may have worked when it was created, it’s important that your branding draws in the audience that you want to capture now, and that it represents your business’ values. A simple refresh may be all that’s required, or it could be time for a completely new visual identity.

Uber Logobit Digital black

Earlier this year, Uber revealed their new branding after acknowledging that their service had evolved significantly since their inception. Source: Uber. 


5. Is your business currently evolving or growing?

  • Is your business expanding?
  • Are you planning for growth soon?
  • A brand refresh can position or reaffirm the brand for growth.
  • Understanding your brand could be the key factor in catapulting your business on the trajectory of success. The way you react to a recent or future shift in the culture, size or course of the business could spell success or disaster.

If you have any questions about your brand, feel free to drop us a line!

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