Setting Up Your Email

Configure a Mail program

To configure your new email addresses, please use the following settings in Outlook or Outlook Express, or any other POP3 or IMAP compatible mail program:

The mail server address:


OUTGOING: Your outgoing server remains the same, as it is related to your Internet Service Provider (BigPond, OptusNet, OzEmail etc), eg:,

Your Username and Password is configured upon setup and these details will be sent by a Solutions Outsourced employee. Remember to choose POP3 or IMAP during the configuration process.


email setup
Configuring your email in Outlook 2007


Accessing your mail online

To access your email anywhere in the world, visit this address in your web browser:

At the login screen, enter your Username and Password as above.

Sending Email from Online Interface 

To obtain best results when sending email from the online viewing, select Options, Personal Information and change "Full Name" and "Email address" such that the recipients of your mail see your correct name and email address.

Viewing your Mail in two places

If you wish to receive mail at your regular computer as well as view online, we recommend setting your mail client to leave messages on the server for a number of days (say, 5 or 10) so they are viewable on both your computer and the online view.

In Outlook, this is found under the:

Tools | Accounts | Change | More Settings | Advanced -> Leave message on server for "x" days, where "x" is the number of days you wish to retain.

We also recommend selecting "Remove from Server when deleted from "Deleted Items"